Nebraska seen canoodling with latest season

Nebraska was seen taking a romantic stroll through the streets of Columbus with new season Fall, iced coffees in hand. A source told Daily Gossip that Nebraska had eyes only for Fall, though stories of the player state indicate it has dated two other seasons throughout the course of this year, alone. The two lovebirds were reported just returning from Nebraska’s vacation home in Venice, where Fall’s new clothing line, including scarves, leggings and hot new jackets, are just coming out in fashion shows and stores throughout the country.

Nebraska seemed oblivious to the fact it had just gotten out of a serious relationship with previous season, Summer, our Daily Gossip insider commented. As of press time, Summer could not be reached for comment on the matter.

However, “Summer would be crazy to be offended,” a source close to both Nebraska and Summer told the magazine. “They dated for awhile, but Nebraska made it clear from the beginning it wanted to keep the relationship casual.”

Fans report being happy for Nebraska, despite the messy breakup.

“Am I going to miss Summer’s sunny attitude and off-the-charts hotness?” one loyal fan of Nebraska asked. “Of course. But, until Nebraska knows exactly what it’s looking for in a season, I think it’s better off dating around.”

And what better change of pace than a season who’s cool, brisk and colorful personality will keep the state constantly guessing? However, not everyone feels the same.

“I think Nebraska could take a few cues from California,” Summer’s publicist Brett Daniel told the magazine Wednesday. “California knows what season it wants and sticks with it. That’s love. That’s stability. A true relationship. In fact, Summer is currently taking a hiatus from movies to spend some time vacationing with the state.

“California’s been a welcome distraction from the breakup,” he added.

Nebraska will be on set in Ireland within the next few months filming its newest movie to be released in late February, called “A Season for Love.” The state will be shooting the romantic comedy with upcoming star in the business, Winter. Winter, who has also done a fair share of rom-coms, says it is looking forward to filming with Nebraska, because the state is so down to earth and rectangular-shaped.

“Nebraska’s primarily Republican, but has such a great football team, who could resist!” Winter said in an interview shortly after the announcement of the movie.

“Now that’s some terrain I’d love to explore further,” the dubbed ice princess was reported adding suggestively.

4 responses to “Nebraska seen canoodling with latest season

  1. It’s called The Gods of Asphalt, and it’s about a family of boys/men who can’t catch a break when it comes to love. So of course, I had to set it in Valentine. Love the bit about Iowa!

  2. How did I not find you until now? I wrote a book that I set in Valentine. Love your blog!

    • Thanks; I could say the same for you! Checked out your site and love your style of writing. 🙂 What’s your book called and why on EARTH did you choose to center it in Valentine?! On the other hand, maybe I don’t want to know. Nebraska gets a bad rap most days. But at least it’s not Iowa, am I right?

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