Your technology use is out of control if…

1. You get your news from Facebook status updates
2. Your phone takes the place of your alarm clock, textbooks, computer, life…
3. Why, yes, you have an app for that
4. You lovingly spoon your laptop at night
5. You only go out in order to check into places and earn points
6. You can’t even turn left anymore without your GPS guiding you
7. You use Twitter as an instant messenger
8. You actually use Time Warner’s phone connection capability on your TV
9. You can only fall asleep under the warm, soothing glow of a computer
10. Blindfolded, you can singlehandedly connect your computer to your TV to your iPod to your…
11. You’re slyly streaming the big game on your phone during  a funeral
12. Teens can’t even decipher your text message abbreviations anymore
13. When you post to Twitter that you’re going to bed, it automatically posts to all ten of your other social media sites so everyone is updated on the exciting news
14. You condescendingly talk about how black the blacks are on your new blue-ray
15. Upcoming upgrades stress you out
16. You won’t go running if your iPod isn’t charged

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