The Duke

I painted this in February 2011 for a friend as an anniversary gift for her fiance, who is a big fan of John Wayne.

5 responses to “The Duke

  1. Nice, thats awesome. I do stencil work sometimes but I like doing it on furiture, coffee tables, dressers, etc. I know you have no idea who I am, and I think you subscribed to my blog today so that I’d reciprocate, but heres a link to a few of the things ive done, its a facebook album.

  2. I like the color/high contrast too, and the fact that there’s irony in the choice of when Wayne’s being portrayed. He started out so handsome and effortlessly macho, and eventually became a bloated cartoon. (I like both types, btw.) It’s like the thin vs. fat Elvis stamp controversy.

  3. Thanks! I just started a Precious Moments replica yesterday as an anniversary present for my parents – lots of pastels. Should have it done in a few weeks; I’ll be sure to post it when completed. 🙂

  4. This is amazing! Bold use of colour and not the normal black and white two colour love it!

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