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  2. I love cassiebehle.wordpress.com , bookmarked for future reference

  3. cookiemonster

    With bands called “Cake”, I guess I wouldn’t want to attend a night before my WW meeting. Side note, did they serve ice cream too??? Ahhh, what ever happened to bands with real names like Alice Cooper.

  4. I really have problems with spammers. You seem to cope with them well. How do you do that?

    • My spam filter is pretty solid – I also just edit each spammer’s comments accordingly by taking out their promotional websites and information, but keeping their overall comment. Hope that helps!

  5. I resent the hipsters. I have resented them since the creation of their subclass. So, if I saw some hipsters just standing there motionless I would mosh directly into them?

    Did you just go see Cake? If so I hate you. Uber jealous!

    • Just punch ’em in the face. Prolly wouldn’t even blink or shed a tear, but you’d get to them mentally. And that’s the only way TO get to them. Or, you could have them see you purchase a $3+ Old Style just to get their pretentious bullshitting started if you need the motivation to punch them. I’m going to see Cake tonight in Omaha! Get pumped! (I sure am!)

  6. One of my favorite concerts ever, the band – Soul Coughing – stopped mid-song and told people to stop moshing. “What about us makes you think we’re that kind of band?”

    • I looked up Soul Coughing on YouTube. Knew when I saw a fan video mixing bits and pieces from episodes of The Flintstones with the music that it would not be hardcore. Dig it. I’ll let you know if anyone moshes to Cake tonight. If so, I will shake my head disapprovingly for the sake of all of us.

  7. Ooops…I am the out of tune singer!

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