Why I haven’t been blogging?

20 responses to “Why I haven’t been blogging?

  1. I want whatever you smoke…

  2. Genius! I love it, and I’ll be following you from now on, hon!

    I just yesterday posted why I haven’t been writing or blogging (albeit, with much more foul language – http://wp.me/CMpJ). I get so frustrated with myself and with circumstances both in and out of my control. I just got a really good tweet from PublishingGuru, a freelance writer, about making your time as productive as possible: http://bit.ly/qPTtjt. He has some good tips, but I’m guessin’ I could get A LOT more writing done if I just stop reading and responding to everyone ELSE’S posts, huh?! 😉

    Thanks for your welcome reprieve, though — you’ve now got a new follower!

    • Glad to hear it! I totes agree with #18 on your list. Because sometimes….ARGH!!!!! There are not enough appropriate words in the world.

      I LOVE the people I’ve met on WordPress – it’s like my own cyber home away from home. So familiar, yet still so easy to get lost in. 🙂

  3. I love your charts. I’m going to have to try out the idea for myself. Put your website on the bottom though – I did right click to save, then had to create a Word doc to remember who I got this from. I might repost to share as it is so funny and that should have the attribution on it.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


    • Thanks! I think that anyone on WordPress can relate to it from time to time. A year goes by and suddenly you shoot straight up from bed, thinking guiltily, “I need to blog…”

  4. So glad you were Freshly Pressed because you are hilarious!!

  5. I never really thought a chart could lead to a blog…or the other way around? I wish I was that creative!

  6. I love it Cassie! I have not been blogging much either..been busy getting ready to move…but will be back soon!!! Perhaps the fall will provide better time for us!

  7. Haha, love it. Blogging is so much healthier than jogging. Just sayin’…

    • I agree in the sense that I think that blogging (or writing in general) does for the mind what jogging does for the body -purges all those excess thoughts floating around, similar to burning calories running. But, herein lies the quandary – is an excess of pie charts equal to too many pieces of pizza?

      • Haha! There is no such thing as too many pieces of pizza… But then again, my metabolism is better than Jesus’, so…

  8. Thanks! Been so busy lately – it’s good to be back on WordPress!

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