Things you shouldn’t say while camping

15 responses to “Things you shouldn’t say while camping

  1. Great post, I can totally relate! My idea of camping and roughing it is staying at a hotel without room service. 😉 The last time I went camping, I remember waking up to the sound of crinkling plastic. A raccoon had gotten into my cooler, and decided to spend its evening meticulously unwrapping and eating my Kraft singles cheese slices one-by-one.

    • Such a funny visual!! That sounds like something I would do after a night of clubbing. Aw, who are we kidding – I once woke up cuddling a bag of shredded cheese. Obviously my finest hour. 🙂

  2. lol.. cud connect with this.

  3. Other phrases of which that is true:
    “Wasn’t it supposed to rain today?” and “This looks like a great spot to set up the tent. It definitely won’t get flooded here!”

    Love the pie chart.

    • I feel like everytime a friend goes camping, there’s 100 percent chance of rain. Which leaves me 100 percent that I’m never going to go camping. Why risk the odds?! 🙂

  4. Hi Cassiebehle….
    Just cant resist commenting on this post of yours… ” I’m gonna be honest, I can’t really pinpoint a time in my life where I HAVEN’T been covered in honey. Wait, is that weird? ”

    Weird ?? Not at all… Intriguing ?? ABSOLUTELY !!! 😉
    Sooo, are you REALLY that sweet – or sticky and covered in ants ?? LOL
    Seems to me the first is more likely..?? 😉

    • I had a friend who went camping and woke up with ants in his pants. Literally. He was so incredulous of the situation as he retold us the story that I couldn’t stop laughing and wishing I had been there. However, I’m still content on just living vicariously through my outdoorsy friends!

  5. But spilling honey all over myself is the only way I know how to get a camping party started!

  6. I just got back from a major camping trip and while I didn’t say any of these, I did have to say, “Well, no, I didn’t bring any extra flashlight batteries.”

  7. Hilarious! You are my kind of camper!!

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