Is it uncomfortable in here or is it just me?

 “It could have been worse.”

Those are words you might hear uttered from the mouth of someone who actually paid to see “Joyful Noise” in the movie theater this past week. The same could be said by those who saw the final installation of the “Transformers” trilogy last summer. (Yes, it was too horrible.) Or, for the more romance-inclined – “Mama Mia.”

I pose this question to those of you who have seen one (or all) of the aforementioned movies: COULD it have been?

Could it have been REALLY?

Parents everywhere are asking themselves, "Why didn't we urge our children to play more video games?!"

This is not your kids’ band performance you were forced to go to here. You chose this fate for yourself, or because your significant other made you go to the movie, upon which hopefully you used some sort of bargaining chip. (Sure I’ll go to Transformers, just as long as you agree to wear that lumberjack outfit to bed every third Friday of the month.)


And you can’t just shrug these fiascos off apathetically because you don’t have an opinion either way or because you arbitrarily flock to the mundane and mediocre. God forbid you actually enjoy bad movies like “Shark Night,” which is awesome, ahem, I mean terrible. I urge you not to go rent buy it immediately for your sweetie. Seriously, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The movie goes well with the biggest bottle of wine and sense of humor you can find.

More like good times have surfaced!

I haven’t seen “Joyful Noise” so I honestly can’t place judgment there but based off the preview that forced its way into my line of vision and ears, I can assure you that the storyline is anything but delightful, at least to anyone under the age of 60. However, I can see where a more defining title like “Pitchy ‘Racket’” wouldn’t be as marketable.

The previous thoughts floated around in my mind after I was asked a question by a friend the other day: Would you rather go see “Joyful Noise” or eat two of (he later changed it to three) McDonalds’ Filet-O-Fish?

It really gets down to this. Although that question wasn’t even debatable (pass me the tartar sauce), it led me to wonder what other types of comparisons could be out there that are capable of making the answerer squirm in discomfort at their very thought. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of my favorites. Have any to add?

Would you rather…

  1. Shop solely at Wal-Mart or listen to Justin Bieber albums for the remainder of your life?
  2. Have the arms of a T-Rex or the neck of a giraffe?
  3. Be a member of Nickelback or their number one fan?
  4. Always be wrong or live in Iowa forever?
  5. Possess Mr. T’s acting abilities or fashion sense?
  6. Be a Canadian Mountie or Smokey the Bear (the mascot) (Yes, you’d be in parades either way)?

    Only YOU...can prevent more Canadian Mounties

Would you rather I stop making you feel so uncomfortable by asking these questions? Too bad – that’s not how the game works. (My blog. MINE.) However, these questions upon being answered, of course, bring to mind a completely different one:


Converse among yourselves.

14 responses to “Is it uncomfortable in here or is it just me?

  1. Hey, Cassie! I was just doing a Google images search for Smokey the Bear for a post and your site came up! Neat, right?

  2. Can I eat my fillet-o-fishes while I’m wearing my mountie outfit? That would be cool.

  3. 1.Shop solely at Wal-Mart or listen to Justin Bieber albums for the remainder of your life?
    Wal-Mart, unless it is the one on north 27th Street on a weekend, then Bieber.

    2.Have the arms of a T-Rex or the neck of a giraffe?
    T-Rex arms. With the giraffe neck, you’re in constant danger from low doorways, ceiling fans, and winter (good luck finding a giraffe-sized scarf). With the T-Rex arms, worst case scenario is you only wear short sleeve shirts.

    3.Be a member of Nickelback or their number one fan?
    Member of. Maybe I can convince the rest of the guys to play something that doesn’t suck. If not, I’m stupid rich.

    4.Always be wrong or live in Iowa forever?
    Trick question. Iowa is forever wrong.

    5.Possess Mr. T’s acting abilities or fashion sense?
    Acting abilities. T is one of the finest actors of our time.

    6.Be a Canadian Mountie or Smokey the Bear (the mascot) (Yes, you’d be in parades either way)?
    I’d be the bear, just so I could find out if a bear poops in the woods. Then I would kill myself upon finding out that bear poo is extremely flamable, and a leading cause of forest fires.

    • I don’t know that I could have formulated better answers! I am especially fond of your response to #6 and #4. And, of course, no one would dare argue with your answer to #5, as it is pure fact.

  4. Oh my God, those options are terrible! As I was reading them, I just kept thinking how each one was more horrifying than the next! I never thought I would ever say this, but I think I would have to go with the Nickelback one. Being T-Rex like would be badass, but what if I fell down? I couldn’t get up. And the whole giraffe-long-neck thing would just suck. Good for making out, I guess… 😉 but overall terrible. By the way, I like your thinking about Valentine’s Day, Shark Week, and a bottle of vino! 🙂

    • That depends how much you fall down I suppose! Either way, it sounds like you’ve really thought this through, so I’m willing to throw one more sidewinder into the mix – what about the body of a snake? LOLZ. Digestion would be veeeery interesting!

      Clay and I are making that a Valentine’s Day tradition. What can I say – it just brings out the romance in us. 😉

  5. Wow, Q # 1 and # 4 are brutal – theres just no answer that wouldnt eventually land you in a padded room !

  6. So, I’m a little offended by the Nickelback question. Not because I like them, but because you made me have to think about them. I would definitely choose to be in the band. I’d at least give it a better chance of being less Nickelback-y. If I were the #1 fan, I couldn’t control their suckishness and I could only hang my head in shame, when I wasn’t hiding my face from embarrassment.

  7. I am a little offended by #4 and would obviously choose to live in Iowa (my home state). However I love playing the “Would You Rather” game 🙂

    • I actually had a blast last time I was in Des Moines at the science center, so I can’t say I’m totally against Iowa. But I’ve had to drive through it for more hours than I’d care to admit and that brings about a certain amount of disdain. So flat! For so long! 🙂

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