How much I love pie charts

This post is a response to my friend, Brandon’s, request for a pie chart on how much I love pie charts. Oddly redundant, yet, OMG let’s start already; I’m so excited!

10 responses to “How much I love pie charts

  1. This rocks more than any rockin pie chart you’ve ever done. This is deserving of a virtual tiara or something !

    • Thanks! Funny – I got a purple tiara last year from one of my co-workers for being a “Punctuation Princess.” But, I’m a firm believer that a girl can never have too many tiaras!

  2. TO THE GREAT CASSIE, your pie charts slice up the “Circle of Life” in just the right portion.

  3. Split atoms? Hell, you are way more of a nerd than I am! I can’t even split infinitives to actually save my life! 😉 Oh, hey, wait a minute… hmmm. I guess I’m a nerd too!

  4. Lovely pie chart, as always.

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