It’s my party and I’ll ______________ if I want to

22 responses to “It’s my party and I’ll ______________ if I want to

  1. I have an amendment to the ice cream cake category – I have had “birthday cake ice cream “, I think at Ben & Jerrys. Vanilla with chunks of frosting and cake ……You need some. In a big cone. So that it drips onto whatever minion is currently on piggyback duty !
    Happy bday !

  2. 10% chance of not reading that sentimental note on that b-day card that took 1/2 hr to pick out. OUCH. Happy Birthday anyway to a sweetie and enjoy the piggy back rides today. YEAAAAA for you!

  3. Love the pie chart. Enjoy your piggyback rides!

  4. Hey, two thumbs up for the ‘Photoshop the pictures to make myself look absolutely fabulous’ …Cheers, Cassie, and have a smashin’ birthday bash! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to my blogger BFF! Pairing your birthday suit with a scepter, huh? Will this scepter be of the Queen of England variety… or more like the Haitian skull and voodoo type? If it is the latter, your BF better be on his best behavior for your birthday! 😉

    • OMG, OMG – we’re blogosphere besties! Hurray! By the way – it was QoE style – the whole Haitian skull/voodoo style just didn’t go with my outfit that day at ALL.

  6. Happy Birthday! That said, rather than demand piggy back rides, I really think you should do what I did when I was pregnant. Demand that you be carted around in a wheelbarrow. 🙂

    • Yeah, but if they get sick of pushing
      me in one, what’s to stop them from pushing me down a hill?? At least with a piggy back ride, I’d take ’em down with me! 😉

  7. …and I’ll make pie charts if i want too…

  8. Happy Birthday!
    My daughter’s birthday is Sunday the 17th. She’s going to love this!

  9. hilarious! tho’ go nice on the bunnies…
    happy birthday!

  10. Happy early Birthday Cass!!!!!

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