Why the book is better than the movie

10 responses to “Why the book is better than the movie

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    • Thanks for the reprint! I certainly hope there will be more coming in the future, too! Been incredibly busy, but some day or another I’ll rejoin the WordPress world! I can’t wait!

  2. Always go to read the book and sometimes like the movie version, but usually prefer the book. I liked the Swedish take on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The hero is more like the description, the heroine is more edgy than our Americanized version.

  3. Oh, but Channing Tatum is WAY easier on the eyes than a bunch of letters on a Kindle screen! My imagination is good, but come on, it’s not THAT good! 🙂

    • That one may have spoken out of hatred of the very idea of Magic Mike. I think I may be the only (straight) girl who found even the preview of that movie revolting. Male strippers. Blech!

  4. “Crikey! Wot loyt thriw yawnda winda briks? Eet is the aist, ind Juliet is the sahn!”

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    I love this!

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