Why you should consider giving blood

Red Cross

8 responses to “Why you should consider giving blood

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  2. Silva, that beats lying next to a friend of yours squeezing the tube thingy they give you to hold in your fist to aid blood flow and singing “Push It” by Salt ‘N Pepa…..

  3. Bwahaha! I had a lady take my blood one time, and she was digging the needle around in my arm for at least a minute. Then, she asked me if I wanted to watch the blood going into the vile because “it’s so cool when it squirts in there.” I nearly passed out from being so completely grossed out!

  4. If I ever get past that big honkin’ needle they stuck in my arm the first (and to date only) time, maybe I’ll take these into consideration.

  5. Hahaaaa! Okay, I was teetering back and forth about the perks of giving blood…maybe I should??? Maybe I shouldn’t??? Then, I read how I could free a pint of space in my body that could be filled with superior items like wine or spinach dip, and it was all over. I’m giving blood tomorrow! And I just bought one of those nice boxes of wine and some spinach dip.

    • Yes, the boxes can be quite luxurious. Might I recommend a gas station big gulp cup and some ice for a no fuss, no muss night of wine drinking out on the town? Cool Whip containers full of leftover spinach dip also make for a nice impromptu snack in your jail cell when you get picked up and are left wondering why your tolerance was so low the day you gave blood. Enjoy! 😉

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