I’m the type of person who delights upon finding grammatical and punctuation errors on The Wallstreet Journal‘s website. Writing from satirically journalistic viewpoints and twisting perspectives to create humously engaging stories is the meat to my potatoes. Jokes aside, a perfectly seasoned steak.? My cup runneth over.

If you’ve come to this website hoping for worldy insights, I’d suggest tracking your steps back to the nearest search engine. I can offer you pithy laughs, a novice painter’s perceptions and hours of procrastination from whatever task you’re currently avoiding.

I created this website in response to all the corporate-style writing I do on a daily basis. I needed an escape back to creativity, a place where I am free to partake in (and blatantly enable) whatever off-the-wall insights present themselves.

So. If, perchance, you enjoy sarcasm, baseball, bad puns, overactive imaginations or art, stick around. Take off your shoes and stay awhile. Just make sure you wiped them on the matt outside before entering. I just cleaned up in here.