View my newest freelance endeaver at EmptyEasel. Each week, I pick a featured artist and write my observations on three of his or her pieces.

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35 responses to “Contact

  1. Dear Cassie,
    I found your article about my art by coincident yesterday on the Emptyeasel.
    Many articles were written about my art in the past (in Germany, Middle East and Canada) but in all of them I was interviewed before and they used my words to describe my art and style.

    It is amazing
    I haven’t written any explanation about this 3 paintings set (Escape the reality, Peaceful night and Paradise on earth)
    But you were able to read my paintings and my mind as if you were painting with me.
    I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

    With your knowledge and passion for art in addition to your great English skills you were able to describe my painting style and artworks a lot better than I could.

    English is not my parent language, so I do have some time problem in expressing myself and describing my painting, especially with a high detailed painting with lot of ideas like my last artwork (The center of civilization)
    So I would appreciate getting your permission to add your article to my website (as reference) and because it describe my painting’s style and artwork with very nice way (and for sure I will put it exactly as you have written with your name)

    Thanking you again for your beautiful article and your time and consideration

    Esam Jlilati

    • Oh, I’m so glad you found it, and I apologize that we didn’t contact you to let you know you’d been selected to be featured! I’m also thrilled that you felt my words expressed your sentiments upon creating those three pieces; that means the world to me to know I did not misrepresent your wonderful artwork!

      You have my permission to add the article to your website. Thank you so much for asking me before publishing!

      Thank you for your kind words, and keep up the incredible work – I know you’re going to go far!

      Best wishes,


  2. Cassie, thank you so much for writing about my work on The Empty Easel. I truly appreciate the time you put into it. Wishing you a beautiful and creative April!

  3. Cassie, thanks so much for your flattering review of my landscape paintings on Empty Easel. I’m always honored and humbled when someone feels somehow connected or inspired by my artwork. You made my week!

    Mark Nesmith
    P.S. I rather enjoy your humor and writing on your blog.

    • Hey; thanks, Mark – I appreciate it! Wish I could find the time to get back to this ole blog, but life beckons. Super glad to be able to feature you on Empty Easel. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hello Cassie,

    thank you very much for the nice words on 🙂
    Finding this article made my day! Keep up your awesome work and best of luck to you! 🙂

    Natalia Soleil

  5. Cassie, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your generous feature on Empty Easel! It’s by far one of my favorite sites, I always scour the newsletters, and I was thrilled beyond belief to have been included on such a prestigious roster of talent. Thanks again for the wonderful boost! – AK Westerman,

    • It was my pleasure; your artwork is fabulous! So glad you find the website helpful; keep coming back – I’m sure we’ll have plenty to offer you in the future!

  6. Dear Cassie,
    A word wizardess you are. Your creative descriptive writing is an art in itself. I loved reading your interpretation and visuals of my art works,just amazing. You made me grin and felt full of hope, you are encouraging me to do more. I was so surprised when I found this write up , googling myself lol . It is great. Thank you for doing what you do.
    Anna Halliday

    • Oh, what a clever compliment — “word wizardess.” Thank you! I feel like I should add that to my resume immediately!

      I love discovering and relating to beautiful artwork – it is SO easy, yet fulfilling to write about, and I’m glad I interpreted your work correctly. Do more! 🙂 Your comment motivates me to keep writing, as well, so it is a pretty awesome circle.

      Thinking about it, in the future, I should probably let artists know they are being featured… Thanks for calling that to my attention.

      Keep on keepin’ on with your wonderful talent!


  7. Hi Cassie,

    I’ve been meaning to contact you for ages and thank you so much for the absolutely brilliant and perceptive piece you wrote about my work in the January edition of ‘Empty Easel’ I wish I could write so beautifully as you can.

    It is very difficult to write about ones own work and it was great to read another persons view point and see it through their eyes. I guess when I paint a picture I’m too close to see it.

    I have put a link to the article on my Ebay listings which has made a huge difference to sales, which of course I am very pleased with as you can imagine!

    Keep up the good work you have a gift

    Diana Marshall

    • Oh my gosh; you’re very welcome, Diana! I want nothing more than to accurately and appropriately represent every artist’s work, so it means so much to me knowing you are happy with the article. It brings me great joy to be able to view and review such beautiful work such as yours – I was happy to do it and am so glad you enjoyed the article. Sounds like you are benefiting from it, too, which is even better! 🙂 Keep up the excellent work!!

      Thank you again – you are so sweet!


  8. Dear Cassie,
    Also it took me at least a month to write to you (just shows my organizational skills) I never stoped thinking, how to express appreciation for writing about me on Featured Artist. Well, paraphrasing somebody ” If I could write,I would not be painting”. I still did not found proper words in order to express my Awe. When I read about my art work i almost got convinced that “That” Julia Hacker is really talented and blah blah artist. I fell in love with my own art (of course it was not art, but an article itself)You are an amazing,amazing,amazing writer.Reading your blog,I forget that we have a generation difference in age, that I have 3 kids,husband and a dog,I just would love to sit on the comfy chair,have tons of coffee,sigarets and wine and talk, just listen to your stories 🙂 Write books,articles etc. Whatever you do in life,get married,have kids..just keep writing.
    Thank you,again,Julia Hacker

    • No worries; life keeps truckin’ on and we’re lucky to just keep up!

      I am so inspired by artists, especially you. Your work is STUNNING (to say the least)!! What I love most about being able to write about all artists is that special connection that is formed – finding a person who is passionate about what they do and attempting to connect with their spirit and creativity through my writing – which is my own passion! It’s intimate, fascinating and enlightening – all at once. I absolutely love hearing from artists from all over the world – it keeps me so invested in what I do, so thank you.

      And thank you for the words of encouragement. Let me know if you ever want to share a glass of virtual wine. 😉 I will say the same to you – keep up your incredible work!

      I give you all my best,


  9. Dear Cassie,
    I am thrilled about the feature in EmptyEasel, what a delightful surprise!
    I really appreciate the effort and dedication you poured into writing such an amazing review and the way you seem to resonate with my work. Thanks for sharing with others the richness of your own depth, sensitivity and insight.
    My warmest wishes for a perfect dream wedding.
    Smiles from the heart,

    • Susie, you’re welcome! Your artwork is BEAUTIFUL and unique, and the article was well-deserved! I hope you keep creating for years to come. I can’t thank you enough for your comment; it’s not an understatement that you made my day very special with your compliments. I’m glad I could do your artwork justice through my words! 🙂

      Take care!!


  10. Cassie, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote last week about me and my work. I truly appreciate the time and care you took in writing the article in Empty Easel, and think you did an exceptional job.

    I am also glad that this lead me to your blog! I have really enjoyed reading it, and look forward to following it in the future.


    Jennifer Woodburn

    • Jennifer – you’re so very welcome! I cannot feel any more pleased than when an artist tells me I represented his or her work well, so thank YOU!

      Ah, the blog – I’m happy you like it! I haven’t had time to write in ages – I recently got engaged and between work and wedding planning…well, there is no in between! 🙂 Hope to get back to writing as time allows, but I’ve been forced into a hiatus for the time being, it would seem.



  11. Cassia, thank You so much for writing about me & my art. I liked your article so much! You have such a talent to put in words that your eyes percept. It’s increadible. You can’t imagine how grateful I am for your awesome work! Keep writing as you’re such a master of word!!!
    THANK YOU again for the great feature!

    • Yuri – you are incredibly sweet! Thanks a bunch for your heartfelt compliments; I’m so glad you liked the article and we were happy to be able to feature your spectacular artwork! Keep creating; you have wonderful talent!

  12. Dear Cassie,
    Thank you Cassie for the brilliant job you did with the article about my works. I was delighted to read the wonderful story and comments, which are exactly what I wanted to transfer on my canvas as you did with words and your great talent of righting. I just can’t appreciate you highly enough! I am grateful to become one of your critique subjects in artwork and especially in oil painting. Now I know for sure that there is a real true in the say; “beautiful minds think alike”.
    I am flattered and proud to find this article in one of the most important sites about art tips and selling advice, a worldwide known website where every artist would be glad to be part of or to be presented and introduced. That’s one of the smartest ways of becoming known by art media and by the buyers.
    Here in my country, Romania, these days it is not the time to sell art due to the difficulties and shortage people experience after the financial crises. So for me it is very important that art buyers can see my works online and hear about me through the art websites. Which is exactely what you did.
    If you believe that I can sell my works through a specialized website which is known and familiar to you please let me know and I am ready to share with you the result of selling.
    Waiting for your valuable advices,
    With the warmest greetings,

    • You are too kind, George! I’m so glad we could feature your work and your fantastic talent. It’s always nice to hear we were on the same page as far as your perception and the meaning behind your art. I’m hopeful that your being featured on EmptyEasel will help advance your artistic career.

      In regard to selling your artwork online, I know a variety of sites on which artists frequently showcase their work. Some include etsy, fineartamerica, or artbreak. Personally, though, I would encourage you to check out what EmptyEasel offers for art sellers online. I’ve included a link below which offers tips and recommendations. We also have Foliotwist and which can be of assistance.

      Thanks again and take care!

  13. Cassie, thank you so much for writing about me – you obviously put some time and thought into it and I really appreciate the effort you put in. I am only just starting out (4 months illustrating) so I really appreciate it, especially as it’s so elegantly written. Thank you so much,

    • Dan – anytime; it was fun to write about your work BECAUSE it’s so entertaining. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the article; keep doing what you’re doing and I have no doubt you’ll go far!

  14. Thank you Cassie so much for the wonderful review you give me on my artwork” ” I can not thank you enough it is brilliant.

  15. Thanks for becoming Good Humored. I’m looking forward to reading some of your posts.

  16. nice trick on balancing ^^, hehe..

  17. Great blog! adding to my blogroll

  18. Your blog is immensely enjoyable! I had a great time surfing through 😀
    You’re going on my blogroll

  19. Your blog is hilarious! AND a girl who loves baseball? I’m hooked.

  20. My compliments on the well-written satire.

    I had to laugh when I read your “about” page. I edit and write corporate documents too. We must have the same bizarre psychological condition that causes us to invent news.

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