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Why you should consider giving blood

Red Cross

When you wish upon a star…

Guess what! (Guess what, guess what, guess what!) Excluding the fact that I am NOT hyped up on larger-than-normal quantities of caffeine or sugar, this level of excitement can only arise from one thing. However, to up the suspense ante, you must riddle me this:

What memories of kickball DON’T consist of terror and crying? (Photo credit: blog.thesummitridgeapartments.com)

What do you get when you combine my birthday, Christmas, and my first trip to Disney World, (which, mind you, has yet to happen so you can surely imagine the excitement that would ensue) into one?

I’ve anticipated that many of you have already peeked ahead, but for the sake of fun and games (which you’ve all ruined now, ya buncha cheaters), I’ll give you one more hint:

What is the blogosphere equivalent to getting picked first (albeit, in this instance, it’s probably around the 35-mark, but the redeeming factor is that I got picked. I got picked.) for kickball in gym class?

No guesses? Because let me tell you – there are no stupid answers here most of the time. I want you to find this blog a relaxing atmosphere where you can speak your mind (no pessimistic thoughts, please!), be yourselves and get comfy. Not so comfy, though, that you never leave and insist on bringing over a toothbrush or asking for a small amount of space in my dresser to keep your jammies. Gosh, is it getting hot in here? This V-neck shirt suddenly feels like a noose.

Unless these are your jammies. Then you’re cool and you can stay. (Photo credit: bunnywarez.com)

On second thought, maybe this is all moving too fast. I just don’t know if I’m ready to commit to all of you guys…I think I need a little space. So, in the meantime, why don’t you head out to the Byronic Man’s site and check out the latest edition of…

Hey, ______! Let’s play 20 Questions!

Ready for the clincher? This week, I’m the _______!

That’s right, the B-Man has chosen me (ME!) to play his next round of 20 Questions. So, head in his direction to check ‘er out already. It could be just the magical, thrilling ride you’ve been waiting for. Like Space Mountain. Like I would know.

What awaits you on Byronic Man’s blog today

*Free tacos may or may not be distributed. Limit one fictional taco per blogger. Please enjoy tacos responsibly.

It’s pie time I show my appreciation for you

Puns! They’re just one of the ways we have fun here. So, to celebrate the subscription of 1,000 followers to my blog this week (Hi, guys!), I thought I’d pass some complimentary pie your way as my way of showing my appreciation and happiness at having you here!

It’s in chart form, naturally. Enjoy, feel free to come back for seconds, and thanks for visiting my site – gosh, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hugs-n-love!

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